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"Hidden Harmonies: The Lives and Times of the Pythagorean Theorem"
by Robert Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan
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Bozo Sapiens: Why to Err is Human
by Michael and Ellen Kaplan

"Out of the Labyrinth: Setting Mathematics Free"
by Robert Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan

"Chances Are . . . : Adventures in Probability"
by Ellen Kaplan and Michael Kaplan

"The Art of the Infinite: The Pleasures of Mathematics"
by Robert and Ellen Kaplan

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Sunday classes are held in room 411 of The Harvard Science Center. Weekday classes are held on the third floor of the Science Center. The Science Center is just north of Harvard Yard, located at One Oxford St, near the center of the following map.

Note: Most streets in Cambridge are 'residential sticker required.' There is 2 hour metered parking all along Mass. Ave and Oxford St. If you are willing to come early, there is a chance you will find a spot. Alternatively, there is free, and available, street parking in Somerville, way at the other end of Kirkland, but it means an eight minute walk back to Harvard.